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“We had a superb adventure on Mount Kenya. Thank you. All the staff with us on our trip were just superb. In particular Francis our guide was wonderful. He was patient, knowledgeable, fun and funny, and above all attentive to our physical abilities and adjusted paces and routes to match up. He knows a lot about natural ecology and shared it all with us. I had problems with shortness of breath at altitudes above 10,000 feet and was not sure I could make it all the way to Pt Lenana. So we left early each day and finished late, but both my daughter and I made it to the top. For me this was a very emotionalexperience as I had been there once in 1972 (I'm now 60) and it was a real struggle this time. Francis was continually encouraging, varying the pace to meet my abilities. I wouldn't have made it without him. Daniel the cook was great, too. The menus were varied, delicious and plentiful. Because we were burning 5,000 calories a day, he made sure we were topped up and hydrated after every meal. Actually, perhaps too much food; but it was always tasty and hot - much appreciated. The porters always had everything in place and did their jobs well.

In summary, we had a grand time and would not hesitate to recommend Impact Adventure Travel to anyone. In fact we already have. We met some people”...Dennis and Wendy Turner, USA.

"We all sincerely very much enjoyed our trip.

Nicolas has been a very nice, interesting and skilled guide. David literaly impressed us with his ability to cook so many delightful dishes in camping conditions. We appreciated Francis' safe driving and still don't understand how he is able to spot a black rhino at a 500m distance while all other matatus gather around a lion.

The trip was perfect. We appreciated the difference of landscapes between Majimoto and the top of Loita Hills. The trek to the top of the Loita Hills was particularly nice, with an end-of-afternoon walk on the hill among zebras, gazelles, goats and wildebeests. We understand that a longer stay in the Loita Hills would have allowed us to walk more and drive less and that the itinerary you proposed initially would have been even nicer.

We really enjoyed and would definitely recommend Impact Adventure Travel"...Matthieu Bommier and family, FRANCE.

"I had a very positive experience with Impact Adventure. In all my correspondence and interactions with Daniel, I found him to be extremely helpful, friendly, organised, and willing to go the extra mile for his clients. From driving out to Lake Nakuru to bring me back to Nairobi to catch my connecting shuttle, to finding me a new memory stick, he went out of his way to make sure I had a wonderful, hassle-free time in Kenya. Daniel's team are also highly experienced and professional - Nicholas our guide, Frances our driver, and Patrick our cook, took great care of us, from sharing their extensive knowledge about African wildlife, to driving us safely through difficult conditions, to cooking us delicious and plentiful meals, they made our time in Kenya so memorable and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend Impact Adventure to anyone seeking a travel company with highly professional standards as well as a personal touch"...Emily Coughlan, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

“…We had a great trip with a very full agenda.  As soon as we arrived in Nairobi we took off for Masai Mara where we stayed at a lodge type hotel.  We went for a safari that night and saw elephants, wildebeests and cheetahs.   The next day was a full day of safari and we saw so many animals - highlights were the cheetahs, about a dozen lions including 2 males with a fresh cape buffalo kill.   Also giraffes, hippos, a crocodile, warthogs, zebras and many birds.   We were in the Masai lands and next went to spend a day in their village which was incredible.   They eat only milk. blood and meat.   The warriors welcomed us with a dance and accompanied us on a walk showing us their skills with spears etc.   They seem very primitive but most men have cell phones.   They killed a goat and drank the blood and then skinned it, wasting nothing. They started a fire with wood, a spinning stick and dry zebra dung and then cooked the meat over our campfire. We had a bath in their hot springs the next morning. Next stop was Lake Naivasha and camping.  It was New Years Eve and we had dinner outside. That night in the moonlight we could see the hippos that had come out of the lake to graze.  The next day we went for a hike and walking safari amongst the giraffes, zebras, cape buffalo (which we had to avoid) and then went to see a gorge. Yesterday we arrived at Lake Nakuru which is famous for it's flamingos and are in a lodge again. We went for a 4 hours safari in the late afternoon and saw so much again including 25 rhinos (a new record for our guide), jackals, lions, hyenas (one eating a cape buffalo) and many baboons, crawling all over peoples vehicles.   At the end of our drive we saw a python which had just killed an impala - wow! Then there were 2 lioness that were off to hunt for the evening. This morning we went back to see the kill but it was still there dead with no python! We didn't get out of the car.  

…….our treks up Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro were both successful and we felt quite strong while hiking with the exception of the final summit push on Kilimanjaro which we felt was the hardest thing we have done.   It was a question of going very slowly and being determined to keep at it.   Quite an accomplishment for us.  We finished with 3 more days of game drives in Tanzania with the highlight being Ngorogoro Crater, just filled with animals of all descriptions and a beautiful day.   The only thing we didn't see was a leopard.   A great trip and we are very glad to be home in Canada”...Ellen and George Stewart, CANADA.

“…we were quite happy with the safari - Richard was a great guide and a very good driver - we felt perfectly safe in his hands (apart from maybe once when a huge elephant started following us and I got a little bit worried...). Itinerary was good, Richard was flexible and listened to our wishes…Karin Totterman and Simo Brotherus, FINLAND




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