Here are the itineraries of our mountaineering adventures. Contact us for more details via the booking form.

Mount Kenya

Sirimon-Naromoru Route – 4 days – itinerary

At an elevation of 5,199 meters above sea level, the majestic and imposing Mount Kenya sits proudly just south of the Equator and is Africa’s second highest peak. Take the opportunity to sample one of the most popular adventure trails for hikers and mountaineers. This experience packs a relatively easy trek and a beautiful scenic escape in the lush, vivid outdoors of East Africa. This hike to the summit of Mount Kenya will take you to all the must-see points along the way. Begin on straightforward paths through rainforests to Mackinder Valley, named after the European expedition that resulted in one of the first ascents of the mountain. Trek up to Point Lenana, the hikers’ summit at 4985 meters and cross through Lewis Glacier, the largest of the glaciers on Mount Kenya, although rapidly receding due to climate change. It’s an invigorating experience!

Sirimon Peak Circuit – 5 days– itinerary

Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike to the summit of Mount Kenya, the country’s tallest mountain and Africa’s second-tallest peak. An itinerary ideally suited for first-time high-altitude hikers and persons arriving from low-altitude regions, this more gradual climb offers a better chance of reaching the summit than a normal four-day climb, thanks to an extra day allotted for acclimatization before the final ascent to the summit.

Skirt the mountain’s high peaks and marvel at the splendid view of the rocky towers, tarns and suspended glaciers of the west face of Batian peak. We will attempt the summit from Mackinders’s Camp in the Teleki Valley and eventually descend via the scenic Sirimon Trail.

Sirimon-Chogoria Private Camping Trek – 6 days – itinerary

A good choice for climbers who want to avoid the crowds, quietly spend their time and sleep to the sounds of the African wilderness. Mountain huts are sometimes crowded and noisy and camping avoids all that. The itinerary has relatively shorter walking days which allows climbers to gradually acclimatize and thus avoid altitude sickness. It also offers ample time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about the geography and history of the mountain region.

Sirimon-Chogoria Crossover route – 6 days– itinerary

The Sirimon route is a scenic and gentle ascent track on Mt Kenya; cutting through montane forest, bamboo and heather vegetation before dropping into the deep Mackinder Valley. Giant groundsel and lobelia vegetation dot the trail. This itinerary includes an additional acclimatisation day at 4,300m. The Chogoria trail, arguably the most spectacular route on Mt Kenya, has several interesting features such as mushroom-shaped rocks, jagged peaks and valleys, waterfalls and tarns.

Burguret-Naromoru Traverse– 7 days – itinerary

The Burguret route offers an unrivalled wilderness trekking experience on Mount Kenya. Though an old track, the route is rarely used by conventional trekkers but it’s a good choice for seekers of the quintessential African jungle adventure experience. The trail meanders through dense forest cover and luxuriant bamboo vegetation as you head towards the peaks. You will descend through the Naromoru track.

Aberdares-Mount Kenya Trek– 8 days- itinerary

A good trek suited for nature lovers and photographers. In addition to wildlife, we’ll see beautiful landscapes including high volcanic peaks, dense forests, waterfalls, sprawling moorlands and weirdly eroded rocks and valleys. Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya are the two highest peaks in Kenya. Hiking in the cool and moist Aberdares is excellent preparation and acclimatization for the challenging climb on Mount Kenya.


Machame Route – 7 days – itinerary

The Machame route is a scenically beautiful trail considered a difficult route due to the relatively longer walking days and steep climbs. However, it offers good acclimatization and hence greater chances of reaching the summit than some of the other routes. The trail starts from the southwest of Mount Kilimanjaro. Compared with the Marangu route, the Machame route is considered to be more difficult and as such, it’s jokingly called the “Whisky Route” better suited for the more adventurous hikers than the “Coca Cola Route” (Marangu Route). It is now the most popular ascent trail on the Kilimanjaro.
As you trek, the trail opens up to stunning scenery including the Shira Plateau, Lava Tower, and the Great Barranco Wall. Going up the Barranco Wall is a challenge as the steep path will require you to literally use your hands from time to time. Some sections involve a bit of scramble; not too difficult though. The descent is through the Mweka Route. All accommodation is in tents at designated campsites.

Rongai Route – 8 days – itinerary

Rongai Route

Rongai Route is a remote wilderness trail that is less crowded and therefore better suited for adventurers who want a quiet trek away from the masses. It is also the easiest route up Kilimanjaro compared to Marangu and Machame routes. The Rongai route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan border. Therefore, our itinerary starts from Kenya with a day of wildlife viewing at Amboseli National Park to give you a taste of the magical African wildlife. The first part of the hike is through open country and you do not realize you are climbing Kilimanjaro until you reach the first camp. The trail is drier as the north receives less rainfall, traverses quintessential wilderness and joins the Marangu route at Kibo Camp.