Here is the itinerary of our ecotourism safari adventure.Contact us for more details via the booking form.

Tribes, Wildlife and Landscapes – 13 days – itinerary

This is an epic journey to discover Kenya’s diverse environments and ecosystems while supporting local communities. We take you a step back in time to evening campfire tales, hurricane lamps and dinner under starlit African skies with the sights and sounds of the bush. A unique aspect of this tour is the opportunity to interact with the local people and learn about their enduring cultural practices.

From Nairobi we descend into the Great Rift Valley, an area of great scenic beauty and offering unlimited opportunities for wildlife watching and hiking adventures. The Rift Valley lakes are recognized worldwide as important habitats for birds and our tour starts with Lake Naivasha, the only freshwater lake in the valley. During our walk down the Hell’s Gate gorge we’ll witness firsthand the effects of the powerful tectonic forces and volcanic activities that created the Rift Valley. We will then watch rhino, buffalo, zebra etc and birds including the colorful flamingoes at Lake Nakuru and later on visit a local farm for a more fulfilling experience and a break from the exertions of the treks and safaris of the Great Rift Valley. From the Rift Valley, we will proceed on to western Kenya, a destination that is way off the beaten path but offering great natural and cultural diversity. Our adventures end with a cultural visit to a Maasai village and tour of the world famous Masai Mara.