• More inclusive safari experiences

Our adventure tours include multiple activities like game viewing, walking, cultural interactions and visits to local schools.

  • Small group travel

Travelling in a small group ensures you receive personalized service from our crews and create minimal impact on the environment.

  • Passionate and kind staff

Our crews have an intimate knowledge of the local landscapes, wildlife and people. They will not only guide you safely but also educate and inform you about the environment you walk through and the cultures of the local people.

  • Sound knowledge of the destinations we visit

We won’t suggest you visit a location unless one of our staff has been there.

  • Commitment to Sustainable Travel

We mostly use locally owned accommodation facilities and as much as we reasonably can, buy all your food from local markets thus ensuring the money you have paid for your trip trickles down to the local people and hence reduce economic leakage.

  • Flexibility

We can tailor a trip to suit your specific needs and schedules. We also arrange tours for different group sizes – singles, couples, senior citizens, families, and groups.

  • Free advice

We offer free advice to help in planning your own tailor-made safari.

  • We value your advice

Feedback from our clients helps us keep abreast of the current situation on the ground and improve the quality of service for our future customers.

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