Welcome to Impact Adventure Travel

Welcome to Impact Adventure Travel, your reliable partner for camping, walking, wildlife and cultural safaris in East Africa. The natural wonders of East Africa are a sight to behold-the towering snow-capped Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, endless savannah plains of the Masai Mara and Serengeti, natural forests, spectacular wildlife populations, and complex cultures of the local people. A holiday with Impact Adventure Travel offers you not only the above but we take you off the beaten track to seldom visited locations where it is possible not to see any other foreign tourists. We will show you the real Africa experienced by the early explorers but without the risks that they faced. While on our safari, you will not feel like a "packaged" tourist that is merely there to be moved from one resort to the next but rather as a friend and partner of the local communities. The participatory nature of our trekking and wildlife safaris ensures you get a chance to visit local villages, experience the vibrancy of our cultures and become part of an extended national family. You will learn about African herbal medicine, milk cows, make fire and interact with the local people in virtually all spheres of their lifestyles. Most importantly, you will be happy and satisfied that a part of your payment for the trip goes into uplifting the economic and social wellbeing of the local people through employment creation and corporate social responsibility. And you won't miss out on the incredible wildlife attractions for which East Africa is renowned.

Now is your chance to join the growing number of eco-tourists and adventure seekers who are serious about making a lasting impact on the environment and cultures of East Africa. Join us in walking the eco-path. Call or email us for an adventure of your dreams. We know you have worked hard for your holiday; we'll make sure you enjoy it. Remember, together we can make a lasting IMPACT through ADVENTURE TRAVEL.

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